Carrier Liability

Unless the sender enters a higher declared value for carriage on the air waybill, the liability of Green-X Global is limited to the higher of a) the amount provided by the applicable international treaty (including Warsaw and CMR convention) or b) £14:30/kg. Green-X Global does not provide cargo liability or all-risk insurance but the sender may pay additional charge for declared value for carriage above the limits, subject to an incremental charge of £ 0.70 per £ 63.00 declared value with a minimum of £ 10.00. Specific items such as artwork, film, antiques, glassware, jewelry, furs, watches, etc, are limited to a maximum declared value of US$500 per shipment or US$9.07 per US pound whichever is greater. Liability of claims requires notice of claims within strict time limits. Green-X Global's liability is subject to strict and detailed terms and conditions.